I have taken group and private classes from JIllian for several years. She is a highly knowledgeable and sensitive yoga teacher who brings a wide array of skills and talents to encourage each student to deepen their experience of yoga. Jillian knows the body very well and and her sequences are challenging but not so much so as to be discouraging. The mark of a good teacher is being able to adapt teachings to the individual student, and in this regard she is an expert. She incorporates a variety of meditation techniques and breathwork technology, music, sound and chanting, to complement the physical yoga and deepen the practice. If you are interested in a more personal yoga experience from a top notch teacher I highly recommend a private session with Jillian.
— Joe, Web Designer and Yoga Teacher
World renowned yoga teacher offering private classes and one-on-one sessions in her beautiful indoor/outdoor yoga space in West L.A.
— Torin, VT
Jillian’s dedication to the art and practice of yoga has motivated me to evolve as yogi. At first, I stumbled upon her class because I needed a way to loosen up my shoulders, but Jillian has shown me that yoga is so much more than stress relief. As a student of hers for over a year, it’s been amazing to see her grow as a teacher and stay at least 10 steps ahead of her students. The depth of her practice and understanding commands respect among beginners and experts - you can always expect to challenge yourself in Jillian’s classes. With Jillian as your guide, take some time out of your hectic schedule and become a part of LA’s amazing yoga community!
— Jordan Rosencranz, Graduate Student
Jillian is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. She is very down to earth and she wants her students to have the full range of benefits from yoga. She has shown me so much about yoga which is great, but the most important thing I have taken from being a student of hers is my mindset off the mat. The biggest difference between Jillian’s style and others is that she infuses her personal wisdom into the practice. She is a special person and it’s easy to share her enthusiasm for yoga when you take her classes.
— Kassidy Miller, Graduate Student
Jillian is a wonderful teacher! I started taking her classes at Ganesha Haus, now
closed. She’s knowledgeable and caring. And finds the perfect balance of spiritual
and physical in her classes. They are challenging, playful, and inspiring.
She’ll help your practice to grow whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student.
— Aglae, Yoga Teacher
...After trying three different studios in search of a teacher who resonated with me, I finally landed in Jillian’s class at Laughing Frog Yoga. She is a great yoga teacher and a wonderful lifestyle coach, full of wisdom and infinite positivity. It is apparent that she lives her yoga practice and yoga lives in her, and also that she greatly enjoys sharing her energy and wisdom. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone. After each practice I feel better and better, my mind and body relaxes and I am a lot more lively and productive. These benefits are noticeable to my friends and family. I have learned to handle challenging situations in life with a calmness that allows me to think clearly and stay focused on my goals.

Jillian reminds us to take the benefits of our practice and meditation beyond our mat and share our positivity with the people around us, the ones who we love and care about. Try at least once and I am sure you too will fall in love with her like I did!
— Mariam Nersisyan, Sr. Software Engineer
Jillian is beyond amazing! She is a really dedicated yoga instructor who is passionate about helping you deepen your practice. Jill brings ancient wisdom to everyone she works with. I’ve had a complete paradigm shift since meeting her a year ago. I highly recommend checking her out.
— Lucas, Business Owner and Healer
I started yoga a year ago having absolutely no experience. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon a beginner’s class near my home and Jillian was the teacher. I’ve been practicing with her ever since. I literally didn’t understand anything about yoga (or its benefits) and couldn’t even hold myself up in Downward Dog. Thanks to her patience, kind heart, vast knowledge and skill, I can now hold Adho Mukha Svanasana and I have a steady practice that continues to deepen. Private sessions with Jillian have helped me feel more confident with poses and more comfortable exploring the different aspects of yoga including meditation, mantra, pranayama and spiritually stimulating philosophy. I’ve made a lot of progress since that first class and look forward to experiencing what’s next on the path. Thank you, Jillian.
— T. McCauley, West LA
I experienced Jillian as a teacher at the wonderful, now gone Ganesha Haus Yoga Lounge. As a yoga student with a few years experience and some injuries, Jillian was a great fit for me. She respected my limitations yet explored them, challenging me to get a yummy, deep stretching and strengthening class. Her knowledge, wisdom and heart were present in the room along with articulate teaching skills. I recommend Jillian to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
— Holly, Therapist
Jillian’s classes are as good for the soul as they are for the body. Her teaching represents everything that is great about yoga, and the incredible journey you can go on in your practice. At first, I was simply drawn to her athletic vinyasa flow, and the pleasure of a good sweat. As I kept coming, I was surprised by the humor and variety she brought to every class, which kept things fun. The longer I’ve stayed, the more I’ve discovered that she has to offer, from breathing exercises and chanting to new poses and unexpected flashes of wisdom. Her teaching represents what’s so great about yoga– the fact that it can enrich your life on so many levels. I’m so grateful to have found her.
— Daniel Frey, Writer
Jillian is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. Her peaceful, centered and joyful demeanor makes attending her class an all around healing experience. Jillian is aware of everyone in her class and makes sure to adjust, coach and teach to each student’s specific needs. I recommend Jillian to all of my friends interested in yoga. If you are looking for a teacher who will provide dedicated, intelligent coaching, definitely hit up Jillian.
— Chad, LA
I had a class with Jillian at The Yoga Collective. One of the better classes I’ve had in the last year. There are a lot of yoga teachers that give off a vibe of physical intensity and go-go vinyasa meltdown. Not Jillian — she offered a challenging but fun class. The word I would use is “grounded” — even though that’s an overused, vague term. Strangely, despite the fact that Jillian’s a young woman, her class reminded me of some I’d taken in LA years ago from some terrific teachers. Possibly what I am getting at is this: Jillian’s class felt like a YOGA class - not boot-camp killing calisthenics, etc.
— Walter, Author
Practicing yoga with Jillian has done wonders, especially as an athlete. Her yoga practice allowed me to strengthen the smaller, yet equally important muscles that can’t be worked during any other type of exercise. I believe that yoga offers the best combination of intensity and relaxation that you can find in a physical practice!
— Lucas Giolito, Washington Nationals
In my many years of practicing yoga and going deeper to my practice as a chiropractor, I have never met a yoga teacher as able to explain proper alignment in the poses until I met Jillian. In Southern California, yoga teachers are a dime a dozen. Most teachers are just focusing on the most superficial levels of yoga practice…the work out. Jillian brings yoga together with meditation, as well as pranayama breathwork. When I walk out of her classes I feel not only my body, but I feel a centeredness and joy that has helped me in my stressful life. I highly recommend her classes…that is if you are looking for more than a work out.
— Manjula Harvest, Chiropractor/Healer
Jillian’s compassionate and knowledgable approach to teaching yoga is a rare and wonderful thing to experience. Each class is uniquely tailored to the students in the room, from the transitions between the asanas to the tempo and postures themselves. I highly recommend her to new and
seasoned practitioners alike.
— Rob Steffen, Musician