Photo by Ingo Tesch -  www.newnatureart.de

Photo by Ingo Tesch - www.newnatureart.de



Jillian taught her very first public yoga class at Burning Man to over 70 dusty-bottomed yogis - and her Mom was there to take the class.  It was a very fitting beginning of her journey as a yoga teacher, considering it was her mother who first introduced her to yoga when she was a small child growing up in South Texas.

After years of playing sports, and a stint as an extremely troubled teenager who [thought she] wanted more than anything to become a vampire, she rediscovered yoga in college and credits it for saving her life and helping her rebuild her self-esteem after years of unhealthy choices.

Known for her calming voice, sense of humor, and approachable energy, Jillian is a Portland based Yoga Teacher and Wellness enthusiast.

Jillian loves to share her practice in as many ways and places as she can and on her journey as a teacher has worked with celebrities, kids and teens, patients in recovery from substance abuse, and has helped professional-level athletes stay on top of their mental and physical game with yoga and meditation.

After focusing primarily on practicing and teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga, In 2013 she traveled to Rishikesh, India (The World Capital of Yoga) to complete her advanced teacher training (500RYT) at Anand Prakash Ashram, where she also taught classes.  She was blown away by the teachings she learned from Yogrishi Vishvketu and how it changed her practice and view on yoga completely.   In 2017 she returned to her teachers Ashram in Rishikesh to apprentice with him and to lead the spring Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training.

Among the great teachers that she has been honored to study with, she has been most impacted by the teachings of Yogrishi Vishvketu, Cherie Rae, Tamal Dodge, and Cybelle Greenman.  

Her classes are a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Akhanda yoga - a blend she calls Freedom Flow Yoga because of the personal freedom her practice has given her on many levels.  She uses a wide variety of music and sound (including silence) to compliment her classes, as well as a generous sharing of wisdom she has gathered from her studies of The 8 limbs of yoga, life, human behavior, gardening, and overcoming her own personal challenges.

When attending one of her classes one can expect a physically challenging and holistic practice that is likely to include asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation.  She is currently teaching yoga and leading workshops in Portland, OR as she studies bodywork at East West College of the Healing Arts.

โ€œA session with Jillian is likely to leave you feeling relaxed, centered, and in rhythm with your true nature...JOY!!โ€


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