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What if?

What if yoga and meditation were taught in elementary schools and considered as important as math, science, and English? 

What would happen if we all understood that, no matter what the issue we are dealing with, we have unlimited access to top notch pharmaceuticals that are always available to us (and personalized for us) and that they were already inside of us, accessed by practicing simple and ancient yogic practices?

What if we we were empowered by the knowing that our breath is so intelligent and healing, that not only can we use it to create happier mind states and to heal ourselves of old wounds, but also that we can add quality and balance to our lives simply by being mindful of and balancing our breath?

What if all of us knew that we had the ability to expedite healing in others (and ourselves) by our words, our touch, our thoughts, and our love?

What if we were taught that everything we need is already inside of us?

What would the world look like?